Outsmart the market

Operational excellence: to meet passenger expectations

6 billion passengers are expected to travel by air in 2035, double the number of 2014, according to IATA with a yearly growing number. Moreover passenger expectations have changed: they no longer consider airports as a “go-through” place but as part of their journey, and want it to be also seamless, intuitive and entertaining. Meeting these passenger expectations is key to outsmart the market.

Find out more than traffic flows

Interviewing passengers on their airport experience once per year or simply knowing wait times is not enough. You may know your operational processes inside out, but you don’t know what your passengers’ experience is really like. Track your passengers’ paths from entrance to gate throughout the airport and identify what needs to be done to maximize the satisfaction of departing, connecting and arriving passengers per flight, profile, hourly, areas, etc.


Smart Flows Airport Analytics

From understanding the needs of different passenger categories, to analyzing the performance of your different airline partners while taking investment decisions based on facts, live behavior data analysis provides you a whole range of metrics to fine-tune your operations at every passenger touchpoint in your airport.

Ensure seamless journey as passenger experience

Understand complex traffic flow and take fact-based decisions: find out the complete path of your passengers arriving, boarding or connecting by flight, profile, hourly, throughout your whole airport, from frontdoor to boarding gate.

Turn your passengers into retail customers

Ready for the 6th continent: the one of your passengers?

Be sure your retail offer suits your passenger impulse shopping by analyzing their visits in shops, their time of shopping per area and per flight andtheir shopping path throughout your airport, combined with shopping basket datas, etc.

Add value also to advertising displays.

Create enjoyable & authentic experience throughout terminals

Stop being a mere gateway and become part of your passenger journey. Smart Flows passenger data analysis helps airports to encompass the quality of life that cities offer by benchmarking passenger density in various areas regarding hours and flights, their path all along the airport, their stops, their visits in lounges and to set up appropriate tools such as ‘call to gate’ systems.

Identify valuable golden hour

Monitor every airline partner and supplier’s operating processes as yours throughout the airport ; where and how long is queuing regarding different flights, passenger profiles and staff roster.

You have several options to get happy and relaxed travelers : 10 minute-wait in security lines means a 30% decrease in retail purchase.

Take investment decisions based on facts

Evaluate an alternative display as a new building’s extension to improve passenger flows and satisfaction. Fact-check design to drive future decisions.

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