Know how much your participation is worth

The stakes keep getting higher for any event

The conference industry is booming. By 2022, jobs in the convention and event industry are expected to expand by 32%, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Each year, events are growing in size and number. As a result, they are getting more expensive in terms of both organization and participation.

How to evaluate the success of these events

Decision-makers choosing to invest thousands or even millions in these strategic events have little knowledge about the results actually generated. Ideally, each planner or manager should have a tool to help estimate the impact of each event on brand image in order to compare it to other marketing efforts.

Smart Flows Exhibition Analytics

Evaluate the success of one of your events with location analytics which enable you to analyze information on traffic flows, visitor behavior, and overall response to specific promotional activities. With Smart Flows Exhibition Analytics, you can calculate the efficiency of an event to compare it to your other marketing strategies.

Track audience and brand exposure

Know how many people came to your exhibiton booth and their average dwell time. Compare your traffic performances from one year to the next and from one show to another.

Measure booth attractiveness

With access to data insights and booth metrics from Smart Flows’ analyses, you can assess booth attractiveness by looking at how many of the total number of event attendees chose to spend time at your booth.

Adapt staff levels to traffic flows

Pinpoint peak and off-hours, adapt sales force and communication tools to traffic flow per hour, per day and per zone thanks to location analytics, and capitalize on this knowledge to prepare for future events.

Identify visitor paths and typologies

Witness how people moved between the different key areas of your booth and where they spent most of their time. Analyze specific visitor typologies by behavior and compare this data to your initial expectations.

Analyze the effectiveness of promotions

Determine which of your marketing efforts during the span of this event had the greatest impact on traffic, dwell time or sales, in order to help you make future data-driven spending decisions.

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