Measure the ROI of your events

Get the information you need on each of your events


Are you wondering if there are enough, or too many people in your booth? If the size of the booth is appropriate?
Are you interested in knowing the most and the least valuable parts of the show? Join Smart Flows and get insights about every aspect of your booth.

Evaluate every aspect of your events based on Customer Flow

By using Smart Flows’ solution, you will be able to monitor the flow of your visitors. Get to know how much time they’ve spent in each area of your booth and determine the hot and cold spots. Adjust your marketing efforts and staff level according to peak times and slack periods.
Use Smart Flows’ solution as a tool to measure your return on investment at the end of the trade shows.

Let artificial intelligence reveal insights about your visitors’ flow. Leverage your WI-Fi infrastructure to monitor the live flow of 100% of your guests.

Achieve your visitors experience objectives and improve your exhibitions and your business thanks to Smart Flows’ unique SaaS platform.

Track audience and brand exposure

Know how many people came to your exhibiton booth and their average dwell time. Compare your traffic performances from one year to the next and from one show to another.

Monitor your booth audience and identify the hot and cold spots

Get information on your visitors. Know how many people came to your booth hour per hour and receive insights overnight to make the best adjustments according to these results.
Smart Flows’ solution reveals the average dwell time of every visitor in each zone of your booth.
Discover how the visitors move through each key areas of your booth and where they spend most of their time.

5 h 30

is the average time a trade show attendee spends at an event. What about your visitors?

Adapt your marketing actions and improve your resource management

Make the best business decisions based on the insights delivered by Smart Flows. After receiving Smart Flows’ data, you will be able to adjust your marketing efforts and your sales force according to the traffic flow per hour, per day and per zone, depending on whether it is peak time or a slack period.

Compare the efficiency of your shows

Make data-driven decisions for the next events you will attend. Use Smart Flows data to compare your performances from one show to the other and keep track of what worked and what didn’t the previous times.
You also might use the data to decide that the show was just not the right fit for your company.

Let Smart Flows help you measure if your participation was worth the investment while optimizing your booth and your actions.
Are you ready to increase your return on investment while exhibiting at the events that suit you the most?


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