Guarantee excellence through personalized service

Meeting the high expectations of luxury customers

According to the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), the number of luxury consumers is forecast to soar to 440 million by 2020. Moreover, each and every one of these clients enters a luxury store with high expectations, awaiting a truly personalized and gratifying customer experience.

How to customize their shopping experiences

Luxury brands worldwide are forever inventing new, captivating and customized shopping experiences to meet the demands of their international clients. Decision-makers in the luxury industry need to understand what captures their clients’ attention the most, while constantly striving to maintain excellent customer service levels.

The devil is in the details. This is especially true in the quest to become a leading luxury brand.

Now, with location analytics, you can obtain answers and data insights on the performance of your window displays, in-store merchandising and communication strategies.

Maintain customer service excellence

Test how your clients respond to several types of customized services offered in-store. Understand when peak and off-hours are, adapt sales force to traffic flow within your store’s strategic areas and create personalized client experiences for everyone coming through the door.

Optimize in-store merchandising

Identify typical visitor paths and behavior patterns to measure exactly how effective your merchandising strategy and product display are. Learn from these merchandising insights to adapt various key zones of your boutique.

Measure window display performance

Assess your store window’s performance by getting feedback on how many pedestrians stopped in front of your store and how many then chose to come inside. Infer the return on investment of window display change frequency.

Improve customer loyalty rates

Measure the frequency of visits at one particular store or throughout your luxury retail network, so as to profile your visitors and better adjust your sales approach to different customer typologies.

Evaluate communication strategies

Monitor the impact of your communication and press relations efforts in terms of sales, traffic, and customer loyalty. Identify which operation for annual themed celebrations has the most resounding success.

Reach out to us today, so that we may start identifying together the right location and performance metrics that will enable you to maintain customer service excellence at all times, plus design and test new personalized client experiences.


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