Build shoppers' insights and attract best-in-class tenants while improving your business.

Base your decisions on the intelligence of customers’ flow


Thanks to Smart Flows’ solution, optimize space allocation and offer adequate services to your customers.
Work with best-in-class tenants and build partnerships with pop-up stores. Get to know which shops are the most visited, and which ones are the most profitable.
Set up marketing and promotional activities to increase the flow throughout the mall and monitor their effects on the traffic and on your business.

Allow physical stores to compete with digital alternatives

Nowadays, shoppers have both online and offline options at their disposal. Unlike online shopping, physical stores are usually having a hard time knowing how many people came by, and how much time was spent in each area of the venue. Today, this inequality of information can be erased thanks to Customer Flow Intelligence. By using Smart Flows’ solution, offline channels can get to understand their customers’ flow while improving the guests experience and maintaining operational excellence.

Let artificial intelligence reveal insights about your customers’ flow. Leverage your WI-Fi infrastructure to monitor the live flow of 100% of your customers.

Achieve your customers experience objectives and improve your business thanks to Smart Flows’ unique SaaS platform.

Maximize rents

Use traffic insights to adjust rental income and maximize your asset value. Smart Flows’ solution allows you to compare retailers’ performance. Share these valuable insights with your tenants to strengthen your existing partnerships and build new ones based on the shoppers’ needs and expectations.

Determine the winning tenant-category mix

Track which shops your guests visited the most to know which brands are driving the most traffic. Analyze your customers’ flow to determine the funnel of conversion.
Check the traffic in an area, the shopfront traffic and the traffic in store and compare them with the actual number of transactions within the store.
By matching business data to your customers’ flow, get to know how many visitors converted to shoppers and determine the mix of shops that customers tend to visit together.

84 minutes

is the average time a customer spends in a mall. What about the customers in your mall?

Evaluate the ROI of marketing activities

Measure the success of marketing activities and their impact on traffic and sales in a targeted area of your mall.
The data delivered by Smart Flows helps you designing a cohesive customer experience strategy in order to drive your customers’ flow in certain areas of your mall.

Make the best use of flexible space

Monitor the flow around pop-up stores to understand the preferences of your customers and plan for future partnership according to the demand.

Yearning to build shopper insights, identify best-in-class tenants and maximize your rental income?
Let’s get in touch to improve your business thanks to your customers’ flow.


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