Optimize cross-selling and conversion rates per product group

The race to win the retail war: online vs offline channels

According to the magazine Wired, over 83% of retail sales still come from in-store purchases versus online. To prevail in the battle for the consumer’s wallet and fight against online shopping supremacy, the retail sector must strive to improve the in-store customer experience by maintaining operational excellence. To do so, retail winners rely heavily on data to make operational decisions; whereas, lagging retailers only resort to experience and intuition (RSR Benchmark 2014).

How to enhance the in-store experience

The difficulty lies in providing the most interesting and actionable data to store managers, merchandisers and marketers, depending on the unique challenges they are facing. It is, therefore, crucial to render this data on a self-service portal, so that decision-makers may turn these insights into actions that enhance the in-store customer experience in an entirely autonomous manner.

Smart Flows Retail Analytics

Retail stores are currently experiencing a profound transformation as they search for the best way to link the online and offline shopping experience. Now is the time to implement Smart Flows advanced in-store analytics to discover how to improve your conversion rate per zone and how to enhance your visitors’ experience.

Manage traffic flows

Identify bottlenecks, adjust your sales force and reduce waiting time at the check-out or at other specific areas (click & collect, dressing rooms) based on shopper analytics and activity maps.

Improve customer loyalty

Evaluate the visit frequency of your stores to access customer insights, including the percentage of recurrent visitors on any given selected period. Identify behavioral differences between your standard and recurrent visitors.

Monitor the in-store purchase funnel

Measure the percentage of passers-by who decided to enter your store in order to determine the effectiveness of window displays and then track your conversion rate per store and per product department.

Optimize product cross-selling

Analyze patterns in your visitors’ behavior to measure the effectiveness of your merchandising and product display strategy, and carry out any necessary adjustments based on these in-store analytics.

Boost your retail performance

Monitor individual store performance by benchmarking shopper analytics across all your stores, so that you guarantee the same level of customer service and satisfaction everywhere.

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