Manage your customers’ flow to optimize your business

Compete with digital alternatives

Unlike online shopping, physical stores are usually having a hard time knowing how many people came by, and how much time was spent in each area of the store.
Today, this inequality of information can be erased thanks to Customer Flow Intelligence. By using Smart Flows’ solution, offline channels can get to understand their customers’ flow while improving the in-store experience and maintaining operational excellence.

Turn insights into actions


SmartFlows’ solution provides you with data that allows you to manage the customers’ flow within your store.
Adjust sales force depending on whether it is peak time or a slack period. Follow the path of your customers from entry to exit and get to know the zones of interest and the time spent in each area of your store to determine the best product display strategy.

Let artificial intelligence reveal insights about your customers’ flow. Leverage your WI-Fi infrastructure to monitor the live flow of 100% of your customers.

Achieve your customers experience objectives and improve your business thanks to Smart Flows’ unique SaaS platform.

Manage traffic flows

Avoid endless queues that tend to discourage your customers’ from finalizing their purchase. Smart Flows’ solution offers you the possibility to monitor your customers’ flow and to reduce dwell time at check out, click&collect or fitting rooms.

Adjust sales force

Use Customer Flow Intelligence to know how many people visit your store hour per hour in order to determine the peak time and the slack periods. Based on these insights, adjust sales force and optimize your staff rotation.


of sales professionals say using sales analytics gave them deeper insights to optimize their selling process. Are you ready to improve your business?

Measure the effectiveness of window displays

Get to know if your window display grabs the attention of passers-by and gives them the impulse to enter the store.
By using Smart Flows’ solution, discover which products shown or mentioned in the display your customers interacted with in your store.
Match the sales tickets with your customers’ flow.
From stopping by the window display, walking in the store’s aisle and finally converting to sales, follow the visitors’ journey and determine their funnel of conversion.
The results allow you to make the right adjustments that will be profitable for your business.

Analyse your product display strategy

Get information on your visitors’ preferences. Smart Flows’ solution reveals the average dwell time of every visitor in each zone of your store.
Discover how the visitors moved through each key areas of your store and where they spent most of their time.
Improve your merchanding strategy by presenting a certain product at the proper period, in the best location possible.
Measure the effectiveness of your actions and make the best product display adjustments according to these insights.

Let Smart Flows help you manage your customers’ flow while learning to make the most of your retail space and resources.


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