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Improve the journey of your customers while increasing the performance of your stations

Reinvent your customers’ journey


By using Smart Flows’ solution, welcome a higher number of customers in your train stations while keeping the promise of an enjoyable journey.
Thanks to Customer Flow Intelligence, monitor the flow of your customers to create a fluid and pleasant experience within your station.

Keep the promise of an entertaining journey while improving your business

With the increasing amount of restaurants and retails, railway stations are becoming multi-functional hubs. Using Smart Flows’ solution, maximize retails revenues by getting detailed information about traffic around retail spaces.

Let artificial intelligence reveal insights about your customers’ flow. Leverage your WI-Fi infrastructure to monitor the live flow of 100% of your customers.

Achieve your customers experience objectives and improve your business thanks to Smart Flows’ unique SaaS platform.

Raise your customers’ satisfaction

Rely on Smartflows’ data to optimize traffic management and ensure your customers a fluid journey. Improve guest experience by facilitating the access to the platforms and by reducing dwell time around the station’s facilities such as tickets kiosks, information booths and service desks.

Reduce your operating costs

Make data-driven decisions to optimise space allocation and improve your ressource management. Use Smartflows’ solution and add value to the existing facilities while planning for expansions. Adjust staffing rotation and optimize operations according to your customers’ flow.


60% to 75%

conversion rate in train stations. What about the conversion rate in your station.

Increase your retail and services revenues

Increase profitability by monitoring the different clusters of customers within your train station. Differentiate your customers by destination from visitors and shoppers to understand the behavior and expectations of each one of these segments.
As train stations are becoming multi-functional hubs, choose the best mix of shops and restaurants to add to your high-traffic facility.
Match business data, such as sales tickets, to your customers’ flow to get additional insights on your customers.

Face the unexpected

Use real-time results delivered by Smart Flows to provide comfort and safety to your customers during unplanned events such as strikes, weather effects, technical issues, delayed or canceled train. Get to know the impact of these events on your station and learn how to react in order to provide the best service to your customers.

Let Smart Flows help you increase your revenues while improving your customers’ journey within your train station.


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