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Train stations transforming into multi-functional hubs

By 2020, it is expected that long-distance passenger volume will have increased by 21 percent in Europe reaching a total of 461 million passengers (The Rail Journey to 2020, Amadeus).

As demand for rail transport is growing steadily each year, travelers expect train stations to be not only a place that they pass through but more of a central, communal society space. Visitors also require more and more services to guide them beyond their point of arrival.

How to reinvent your passengers’ journey

With a rising number of railway users, train station decision-makers can no longer rely on expansion alone to meet this demand. Instead, they must optimize space allocation and traffic management to ensure a fluid journey for the average traveler. At the same time, they can seize this opportunity to monetize these visitors.

However, to do so, they need to understand what type of services and commercial offerings each sub-segment of the traveling population expects.

Smart Flows Station Analytics

Train stations are increasingly becoming crossroads at the heart of city life. Smart Flows Analytics can be a real asset to you in optimizing space allocation, studying the behavior of various visitor populations and addressing their needs and expectations. Use location analytics to guarantee operational excellence and witness the transformation of your station when you roll out and test new innovations.

Ensure travelers enjoy a hassle-free journey

Understand the traffic patterns in your station, optimize the location of information signs and identify bottlenecks to maximize your passengers’ fluidity of movement, especially at peak times.

Maximize retail and advertising revenues

Obtain detailed traffic and audience numbers to give performance feedback to your retail and advertising partners, renegotiate your contracts and reallocate retail space accordingly.

Outline traveler typologies

Separate and analyze your visitors by category (commuters, transfers, long distance travelers, shoppers), to understand the patterns and expectations of each of these segments.

Engage your customer

Seize the opportunity to interact relevantly with your customers, based on their respective habits. Give them key information on their trip or about a deal with their favorite catering destination inside the station.

Plan new developments

Enrich your simulation models with location analytics to make the right decisions for your future expansion and development plans.

Get in touch with us today to start channeling the power of location technologies in order to enhance your passengers’ experience and maximize your retail and advertising revenues.

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