Smart Flows Insight

A unique SaaS platform to access Customer Flow Intelligence

Your customers’ time is valuable, so is yours

Visualize and understand your customers’ flow at a glance to take valuable decisions at any time in any place.

Use SmartFlowsInsight™ to get access to the exact insights you need such as customers’ insights per flow.

Our platform provides a visual representation to take immediate decisions & profitable actions.

SmartFlowsInsight™ is useful for every stakeholder: Operations, Retail, IT & Data, etc.


of companies rank location intelligence as very important to growth strategy.


Monitor 100% of your customers in real time.

Get an overview of the current state of your airport or benefit from this multi-team decision tool to focus on a targeted aspect.

SmartFlowsInsight™ will give you the possibility to make fast and informed decisions, from resource allocation to queue management.


Browse KPIs of each area and measure the impact of your decisions and to plan for future actions.

Easy to use, SmartFlowsInsight™ lets you decide on which aspect you want to focus your attention.

You can also decide to communicate the information to partners and tenants.


of business leaders collect location data to improve customer experience.


Let Data and AI reveal new insights about your airport.

Raise your customers’ satisfaction by improving the quality of your services.

Increase your non-aeronautical revenues and reduce your operating costs.

Benefit from information that is unfathomable without data. Learn about the consequences of unusual events such as strikes, weather effects, and technical issues.


Communication has never been easier. SmartFlowsInsight™ chatbot helps you get immediate answers to your questions.

This conversational agent facilitates the communication between management and ground agents while allowing to save time.

No need to spend a large amount of time looking for the right information when you can ask t!he chatbot.

Start to build your customized experience with a personalized usage of the platform

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