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WiFi or Bluetooth Manufacturers

You are looking for the unique end-to-end location software suite.

You are engaged in a challenging business where clients ask every day more services, more qualified data and more tailor-made solutions.

We can provide you with the most accurate end-to-end location software suite. Our technology is compliant with your hardware materials. We just need to build a partnership.

Technology Systems Integrators

You are looking for new clients’ data to build new performance indicators.

You build everyday more complex IT data system for your clients in order to enrich their business reports. The purpose: find KPI that will change their business.

We can provide you with an open and modular IT system where you can have access to the requested data on clients’ behaviour. You just need to use our API.

Computer Technology Companies

You are looking for customer data in your databases for your clients.

You develop and build tools for database development and enterprise software products such as CRM software. You are searching new uses of your products for your clients.

We can provide your clients with unique and tailor-made customer data in their locations that will enrich your databases and create value on customer knowledge.

Data and Strategy Consulting Companies

You are looking for powerful insights on clients’ behaviour.

You work for clients that face every day intense competition and new challenges. You need to propose them the right actions based on relevant clients’ data.

We can provide you with the right complementary data to help you build new clients’ insights, innovative strategies and increase the ROI of your client.

Data and Technology Companies

You are looking for patners engaged in the same type of business.

You work for clients in a competitive business area where innovation, data, digital and technology are the key words. You need to go fast to deliver value.

We can build with you great partnerships. We are convinced that our technology is only a part of the data revolution. We need you to create value for our clients.

Telecommunications Companies

You are looking for a software able to treat outdoor and indoor data.

You face new business questions from your B2B clients that are looking for answers on their clients’ journey. And a journey can be outdoor and indoor.

We can provide you with a technology that will help you treating outdoor and indoor raw data and building new complete databases on the clients’ journey.

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