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Turn live visitor traffic and behaviour data into customer intelligence

Stop losing time guessing how your clients behave in your locations. Start to collect visitor phone signals and use the Smart Flows location software suite to determine new actionable insights that will change your business. You have access to detailed and statistical databases and can measure visitor traffic or dwell time, study different strategic areas or type of visitors within your physical space, and compare these performance metrics over time. Thanks to this highly-valuable visitor data, you can gain high-quality service and you will be perfectly equipped to increase client satisfaction.


  • Smart Flows uses your existing network infrastructure to collect visitor phone signals as raw data and start analysing all your clients’ behaviour.
  • Number of visitors, dwell time, window effectiveness, waiting time, loyalty rates, visitor activity maps and standard patterns… You gain access to major performance indicators.


  • Be prepared for every scenario. You will be able to anticipate the future behaviour and traffic of your clients and allocate the right staff roster regarding the various traffic peaks.
  • If you are currently working on a future construction project, you can input our traffic metrics in order to optimize your simulation models from reality. Let Smart Flows take guesswork out of your equation.


  • Activate and interact with your clients in real time at key moments during their journey.
  • Easily enhance your conversion or satisfaction rate by providing clients with relevant information on a product or service or by sending them personalized messages depending on their location or past behavior.


  • Use our data management platform at any given time to identify new opportunities for improvement. These insights will enable you to make real-based data-driven decisions.
  • Learn from our key findings, test new approaches, evaluate their ROI and enhance your visitors’ satisfaction.

Data management platform: tailor-made analysis to suit your market

As every business is different, Smart Flows has created sector-specific analysis solutions based on the business issues that managers face every day on their market.



Meet passenger expectations to reach operational excellence

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Train Station

Train station

Enhance the in-station experience of different traveller populations

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Optimize cross-selling and boost conversion rates per product group

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Shopping Centers


Build shopper insights and attract best-in-class tenants

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Guarantee excellence through personalized customer service

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Evaluate your event’s success and compare your events

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Find out how the Smart Flows data management platform delivers the smartest live visitor data and how you can use it easily and quickly.

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