Improving your business based on customers’ flow

Let artificial intelligence reveal insights about your customers’ flow. Leverage your Wi-Fi infrastructure to monitor the live flow of 100% of your customers. Achieve your customers experience objectives and improve your business thanks to Smart Flows’ unique SaaS platform.



  • SmartFlowsPipeline™ is a powerful software that processes location and business data to provide raw data, alerts and notification or insights directly available on your BI tool.
  • Plugged on SmartFlowsPipeline™, SmartFlowsInsight™ is a unique platform to access Customer Flow Intelligence. Our platform provides clients with a visual representation of each aspect of your customers’ flow.

Increase your revenues

  • Make the best of the time your customers spend in your premise. Understand your customers’ behaviour toward each shop and track which shops your guests visited the most to know which brands are driving the most traffic and revenues.
  • Match business data with your customers’ flow to adjust your retail offer and adapt the price, products, and promotions to your audience.

Reduce operating costs

  • High-traffic facilities are costly to operate. Smart Flows’ offers a solution to cut expenses while still ensuring the best level of operation.
  • The key to a better resource management is collaboration, that’s why our solution is profitable for all stakeholders: share insights with every team of your company including operations, retail, customer experience, infrastructure and IT & Data teams. Adjust staffing schedules based on the volume of customers for present and future periods and identify operational inefficiencies.
  • Depending on your customers’ flow, plan for expansion and manage your installations.

Raise your customers’ satisfaction

  • Your customers want to experience an enjoyable moment from entry to exit of your facility.
  • Rely on Smart Flows’ data to optimize traffic management and ensure your customers a seamless journey by cutting their waiting time.
  • Smart Flows monitors the time spent at each step of the way, identifies queues, and warns you when the passenger experience is becoming poor.
  • Access real-time data that you can share with your customers to have them informed all along the way.

A custom-made solution for  high-traffic facilities

Since 2011, Smart Flows has been helping airports to increase revenues, reduce operating costs and raise customers’ satisfaction. Today, Smart Flows is also working with clients to provide solutions for train stations, exhibitions, retails and malls.



Meet passenger expectations to reach operational excellence

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Train Station

Train station

Enhance the in-station experience of different traveller populations

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Optimize cross-selling and boost conversion rates per product group

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Shopping Centers


Build shopper insights and attract best-in-class tenants

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Evaluate your event’s success and compare your events

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Find out how the Smart Flows data management platform delivers the smartest live visitor data and how you can use it easily and quickly.

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