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data collection

Data collection

Smart Flows is agnostic and uses your existing network infrastructure (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G/4G) to collect and stock visitors phone signals in real time. Data is encrypted, anonymous and remains yours.

data cleansing

Data cleansing

Advanced and patented algorithms examine visitors phone signals as raw data collected for each location and select automatically the most reliable information for data treatment. One set of raw data for one KPI.

data treatment

Data treatment

Selected raw data is refined through our technology and combined with various and specific data of your own. You are provided with detailed paths’ databases and statistical databases that include external data.

data visualization

Data visualization

Data is accessible either on the Smart Flows data management platform or it can be integrated in your own IT system.

One client. One offer. One data management platform.

You’re looking for specific and suitable answers to your business questions. The data is yours and your answers are now available. You only have to choose which offer suits you the best.

Benefit from a fast delivery

With no additional hardware installation required, benefit from a fast delivery and get insights within days of set up.

Smart Flows’ solution adapts to your facility and delivers personalized data in no time.

Leverage your existing network infrastructure

Use your existing network infrastructure (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) to collect your customers’ phone signals in real time.

Based on these signals, SmartFlowsPipeline™ will retrace your customers’ journey from entry to exit.

Smart Flows’ solution is compatible will all Wi-Fi providers including Cisco, Aruba, Ruckus, Xirrus, Meraki,…

Match customers’ flow with your business data

Leverage your sales tickets, staffing schedules, and counting system by matching the data provided with your customers’ flow.

For airports, matching flight tickets with location data allows Smart Flows to provide insights you would not get without data.

A scalable and secure solution

Adaptable, but sustainable

As every organization is different, Smart Flows is flexible when it comes to sending the data. Clients decide how they would like to receive the insights: on SmartFlowsInsight™ platform, BI tool, receiving alerts and notifications, receiving raw data for analysts, etc.

At Smart Flows, we understand that your roadmap may evolve, that’s why we always try to adapt our solution to your needs. The only thing that will never change is the sustainability of the data along with time and space.


Relying on AI and Machine Learning

Smart Flows uses state of the art technology.

With its twice patented SaaS solution, Smart Flows relies on the most advanced technology to answer its clients’ needs.

A secure solution for you and your customers

Smart Flows offers a safe solution as your asset is in secure hands on our servers (SLA 99,999999999%).

All the data that is gathered is treated as anonymous. The solution is compliant with international privacy regulations, including GDPR.

With no additional hardware needed, benefit from a scalable and secure solution to monitor 100% of your customers’ flow.


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