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data collection

Data collection

Smart Flows is agnostic and uses your existing network infrastructure (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G/4G) to collect and stock visitors phone signals in real time. Data is encrypted, anonymous and remains yours.

data cleansing

Data cleansing

Advanced and patented algorithms examine visitors phone signals as raw data collected for each location and select automatically the most reliable information for data treatment. One set of raw data for one KPI.

data treatment

Data treatment

Selected raw data is refined through our technology and combined with various and specific data of your own. You are provided with detailed paths’ databases and statistical databases that include external data.

data visualization

Data visualization

Data is accessible either on the Smart Flows data management platform or it can be integrated in your own IT system.

One client. One offer. One data management platform.

You’re looking for specific and suitable answers to your business questions. The data is yours and your answers are now available. You only have to choose which offer suits you the best.

Collection solution

Use of existing network infrastructure (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G/4G) to collect and stock visitors phone signals in real time

Live data collection and secure storage

Collection monitoring

Collection flows monitoring

Locate solution

Detailed behaviour data through path visualization

Databases hosted on demand server – Smart Flows’ cloud, client cloud, etc.

API available

Documentation available

Set of databases requests available

Analyze solution

+50 standard statistics

Data available in  numerous formats: CSV, XLS, JSON, SQL, etc.

Data crossing and integration with standard IT systems

API available

Documentation available

Let’s get started. It’s simple!

No hardware

Our data management platform enables us to collect all the raw data and is compatible with all Wi-Fi manufacturers (including Cisco, Meraki, Aruba, Ruckus, Xirrus, Meraki), Bluetooth manufacturers and 3G/4G technologies.

Fast Delivery

Set up in days, results within a month. Start taking advantage of smart data to manage your locations in no time, enhance your clients’ experience and satisfaction and track the impact of any achievement rolled out.

Tailor-made and modular

Data is yours. Make the most of your clients’ behaviour data and push our solution one step further by combining it with your other client data (sales, counting, etc). The Smart Flows software suite is open and modular.

Gain prompt access to actionable insights that will guide you in your decisions. Leverage your existing technologies in no time and enhance the value of your currently dormant data. Learn about our industry-specific solutions today.


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