At Smart Flows, we are committed to safeguarding the privacy of individuals while also enabling our clients from various sectors to make data-driven decisions based on their customers’ behavior. During each step of our technological process, we have taken measures to ensure that we respect individual privacy.


What type of data do we collect?

No personal data is ever collected by Smart Flows, and all the data that we do collect to produce indoor analytics is immediately encrypted. More specifically, when you use your mobile device with Wi-Fi enabled, your phone sends a signal to nearby Wi-Fi networks. Included in this signal is a unique identifier called a MAC address, which is a series of numbers and letters. Smart Flows collects this information and encrypts it immediately. Data collected is anonymous.


No personal data is collected

Smart Flows does not collect any personal information whatsoever. We only show aggregated and anonymous data to our clients so as to help them identify the trends in the behavior of their various customer segments.

Smart Flows is compliant with CNIL, the French National Commission on Informatics and Liberty.

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