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Location data is the new oil, Analytics the new refinery
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The most accurate location software
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Small data is the future of big data

Turn your clients’ behaviour data into actionable insights

Location raw data is everywhere nowadays. Usually, this data is not fully refined nor used. Leverage the Smart Flows location software suite to get a clear understanding of your clients’ behaviour like never before and optimize every step of their visit. All that and no installation of hardware material is required.

Engaged vision

Value from data insights is your ultimate asset.

Raw data is the new oil. At Smart Flows, we transform every day these data to build smart location databases as we truly believe these refined data are a core value proposition for your business. Unlocking the value of location analytics and integrating the results with other internal data sources will give you the most accurate KPIs to attain operational excellence.

Our Technology

Delivering performance

Providing you with industry-specific and personalized KPIs.

The Smart Flows software suite turns raw location data from multiple sources into smart analytics. These smart metrics combined with valuable clients data provide you with actionable insights on key business challenges like visitor flow management, customer experience enhancement, and clients’ satisfaction.

Our solutions

Committed to Excellence

We set and achieve ambitious goals.

We approach every client challenge with a determination to succeed. We work every day to improve our software and are dedicated to transform the raw data collected into appropriate and actionable insights. Excellence is a discipline: we strive to deliver to you the highest quality and value possible through simple and relevant solutions.

Who we are

With Smart Flows Analytics, you can:

Understand your clients’ behaviours and flows

Increase your customers’ satisfaction

Rapidly measure and improve your organization

Increase operating margins by making informed decisions

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Let’s join forces to empower decision makers. If you wish to offer additional services to your clients, get in touch with us today to talk about your projects or about a potential partnership.

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