What if you could grasp the journey of 100% of your customers ?

Using location and business data, Smart Flows Customer Flow Intelligence Solutions provide access to the exact insights you need: real time traffic and dwell time in any place, customer insight per cluster, alerts when something unusual happens, customers’ paths databases and statistics databases.


Your customers want to experience a seamless journey from entry to exit of your facility and to receive regular information along the way.
Smart Flows monitors the time spent at each step of the way, identifies queues, warns you when the passenger experience is becoming poor. Smart Flows also provides you with real time data that you can share with your customers to have them informed all along the way.

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REDUCE OPERATING COSTS                                      

With Smart Flows, learn how to plan for the unplanned. Adjust staffing schedules based on the volume of customers for present and future periods and identify operational inefficiencies. The key to a better resource management is collaboration, that’s why our solution is profitable for all stakeholders: share insights with every member of your company including operations, retail, customer experience, infrastructure and IT & Data teams.

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INCREASE YOUR REVENUES                         

Make the best of the time your customers spend in you premise. Smart Flows monitors the whole funnel of conversion: check the traffic in an area, the shopfront traffic and the traffic in store and compare them with the actual number of transactions within the store. Target the actions to increase traffic or adjust offer and/or price and measure the impact of your actions.


Secure and Efficient Solution

Get results within days, with no additional hardware needed

Receive a unique set of data profitable for every stakeholders

Get the assurance to be compliant with international privacy regulations

Benefit from multiple insights through one unique platform

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